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Our shows are not just entertainment but a journey into the unexplored realms of the human experience. Whether it’s challenging societal norms, exploring untold histories, or reimagining familiar narratives, Misconception Media’s productions are crafted to spark conversations and ignite a passion for discovery.

Through the lens of Misconception Media, viewers are invited to question assumptions, challenge stereotypes, and embrace the beauty of complexity. Our shows are designed to be transformative, encouraging audiences to open their minds to new ideas, cultures, and perspectives.

Pretty Spooky

Hosted by Christi Lukasiak
“Pretty Spooky” is not your typical travel show; it’s a soul-searching adventure that takes viewers far beyond the ordinary. Each episode, Christi immerses herself in a unique adventure, whether it’s the secretive world of modern-day vampires or the sultry realm of burlesque dancers. With an open heart and a desire for connection, she ventures where few dare to tread, meeting intriguing individuals who call these subcultures their own.

Ghost City

A behind the scenes look at the whacky and spooky Tour Company

This comedic yet spooky docu-follow series follows the day-to-day operations of Ghost City Tours, the World’s Largest Ghost Tour Company. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ghost City Tours is run by a memorable cast of quirky, outspoken, and cooky characters. Follow along as they navigate the challenges of running and expanding their paranormal empire.


An inspiring journey through the World of Dance
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Reptile Rescue

Documenting the Quest to save the World's most endangered reptiles
Reptile Rescue is a show that captures the human spirit and our ability to overcome any challenge we’re faced with if we do it with passion. Centered around Timothy Nealon, a reptile enthusiast from south Louisiana, Reptile Rescue tells the tale of his quest to save the World’s most endangered reptiles from extinction. Tim works to protect, care for, and breed these critically endangered reptiles from his own Reptile Sanctuary. His mission will take him to remote areas of the World to fight for these animals’ survival.

Chasing Werewolves

Are Dogmen really roaming the American wilderness?
Sightings of “Dogmen” and Werewolves have been increasing in the wilderness areas of North America for the last decade. Said to be dangerous, possibly the reason for missing hikers and outdoorspeople, Dogmen have been seen since the days of Native Americans. Viewers will be taken on a journey deep into America’s most remote regions as the crew uses new technology and expert witnesses to try and unravel the mystery of these modern-day Werewolves.